About Dive Into Mexico

Hi! We are Toño and Shev, two dive buddies that are here to share their passion for and experience in diving in Mexico with the world!

About Dive Into Mexico

How it Started…

Shev and Toño met in Huatulco, Oaxaca while both working at the same dive shop in early 2022. They quickly bonded over their passion for diving and exciting conversations about the untapped potential of this hidden gem on the Oaxacan coast. There is so much to do and see here!

Another topic Shev and Toño discuss a lot is how much amazing diving there is in México, but no one seems to know about it. Divers tend to head to Cancun or Cozumel, but are missing all the wonders this massive country has to offer.

And so, drawing from Toño’s extensive knowledge and experience about diving in México, and Shev’s passion for writing and sharing México with the rest of the world, Dive Into México was born in the final days of 2022.

Where it’s going…

Dive Into México has one goal: To expand the dive community’s knowledge of México. We want to change the perception that diving in México is synonymous with diving in Cancún. DiM aims to share our passion and excitement for all of México’s diving opportunities and bring more people underwater with us in new and exciting places!

So, grab your mask, strap on your fins, and Dive Into México with us!

About Toño

Originally from Puebla, México, Antonio has always loved sports, being outside, and the water. His father nurtured that passion for nature by taking him camping, mountaineering, and swimming since he was quite young.

Toño started his diving journey at 8 years old in a Mexican spring, and when he was finally old enough for a Discover Scuba experience he took every opportunity to dive to experience diving until he was finally able to convince his family to enroll him in the Open Water course at 15.

Toño and his manta sombrero on a trip to Socorro.
(Photo: Jorge Cervera Houser)

In 2006 the plan was to finish college so he could work and afford more dive training, but instead, Toño quit school and found a divemaster internship that allowed him to work in exchange for his dive education.

That’s how Toño found himself a PADI Open Water Scuba instructor at 20 years old in Huatulco, Oaxaca.

Toño has never regretted that leap of faith to pursue diving, and that decision has led him to a 10,000 dive+ successful career that allowed him to work all over México.

Now 16 years into his career and a PADI IDC Staff instructor, Toño has returned to his roots in Huatulco to strike out on his own in this up-and-coming pocket of México. Sharing the wonders of the sea with locals and through this blog, Dive Into México!

Toño and his manta sombrero on a trip to Socorro.
(Photo: Jorge Cervera Houser)

When not diving or talking about diving, you might find Toño watching sports, editing his underwater photos, freediving, or running and walking with his dog, Kai.

About Shev

Shev grew up as landlocked as you could possibly be in the heart of the Canadian prairies. Unable to access the ocean until much later in life, Shev took to the lakes and rivers around her prairie home so often that her grandparents referred to her as “our little fish” more often than not.

After partaking in a Discover Scuba experience in junior high school, Shev knew she would end up a dive instructor, it was just that the journey there took longer than she would have liked.

Finally, in February 2020 Shev was certified as an Open Water diver, and immediately booked a training program in Thailand to earn her divemaster in October of that year.

As you might have guessed, world events occurred in March 2020 that would delay her dream, so she took to diving in the magical, albeit cold, waters of Canada’s West Coast. Until finally in January 2021, she decided to take a 3-month divemaster internship in Huatulco, Oaxaca.

This move ended up being more permanent than originally anticipated as Shev fell in love with the area. She started sharing this magical place through her blog Shev Strolls and continued to dive and enjoy life on the coast until finally in December 2022 she completed her Open Water Scuba Instructor course!

While still new to the industry, Shev has wasted no time getting involved! When not working with Toño on Dive Into México, you might see her leading trips with dive travel group Mar Hosted Trips, working on her other websites, or out cycling to one of Huatulco’s many gorgeous beaches for an afternoon of rest!